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Friends here is the procedure for the Manicure and Pedicure.Which is mostly useful many people.Here i will let you the easy and the simple ways that you can do Manicure and Pedicure at Home.

Manicure:  Manicure is the procedure of cleaning your hands.In which the nail tightening is done,nail shaping is done,the dead skin at the nails is removed,and by giving massage and making the nails in a perfect look and make the hands smooth and shine.

 Required Item:

>> Warm Water
>> tub
>> Cuticle Pusher
>> Cuticle Cream
>> Dead Skin Cutter
>> Amonia
>> Hydrogen Peroxide
>> Bleaching Powder
>> Shampoo ( its better to use a like color shampoo)
>> Pumice Stone
>> Massage Cream or Hand Lotion
>> Nail Polish Remover
>> Towel
>> Nail Buffer
>> Nail File


> Take a Tub of warm water and add 1)Amonia,2) Bleaching Powder 3) HydrogenPeroxide and mix them.

> Before starting see that you remove the Nailpolish

> Now dip your hands in the water for 2 mins ,then apply cuticle cream on the nails and dip for 3 to 4 mins.
> Remove dead skin with dead skin remover.

> Apply shampoo and massage for few seconds
> Clean and apply Scrub and Massage for few minutes
> Clean and apply moisture and massage for 3-5 mins with strokes.

> Clean and apply mud pack or Manicure Pack
> While it takes few mins to dry using the buffer clean the nails,shape them

> Now clean the hands and wipe with the cloth and apply moisture and Nail polish